Helpful Tips


Wine Tasting:

1.  Have a mapped out route of all the wineries you want to try.  If you need a good route, pls inquire. 
2.  Take water with you in the car to drink lots of water during your tastings and snacks to fill you up.
3.  If you plan to purchase wine on a hot day, take a cooler to store wines in the car.
4.  Santa Rosa Airport allows for 1 case of wine to be checked in for free.  Check with airlines.


For your safety please:


DO NOT drink and drive.   It is extremely easy to become tipsy and not even know it when drinking wine.  Please plan ahead.  There are a lot of surveillance cops on highways hiding on the bends and in trees but most importantly, they’re there for everyone’s safety.



Do NOT bring in:
No bikes or skates are allowed in the house.  The garage or the side of the house can be used to store these items.

Absolutely no smoking inside the house including marijuana.  If you use marijuana for medicinal use, please consider doing away from the home; not inside or in the backyard.

Absolutely NO DRUGS.  This will not be tolerated.


Please see the City Ordinance on Noise (in Guidebook)
A forfeit on the deposit will be considered for loud guests.  We  truly have the best neighbors and we are very careful not to disrupt their peace and quiet.  If any complaints arise from the neighbors for excessive noise, additional guests or unruly behavior are dealt with, the owner reserves the right to have additional guests removed from the home and keep the entire deposit per the lease agreement that was signed. This is strictly enforced